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1. Company Management for Christmas Lottery


The administrative burden of the company is limited:

1º choose the number to reserve.

2nd estimated amount of decimos

3º choose password for your group

4th email or circulate to employees indicating the web address where to go, number chosen, and group password.


There is the possibility that you have a user profile with administrator privileges that would have access to all the activity generated by the section for monitoring if desired.

Transparency in the whole process is our indispensable requirement

We create the personalized web space with the logo or image identifying your company or group,

In the rest of desplegables we offer all the indications to follow by the users


2. Should I register to use the web services?

It is not necessary to be registered in our system to use it, even if highly recommended to control your orders, revenue awards, moves your user cta, etc.

Registration, all that means is that you choose a username and password for our system identifies you and allows you quick access to all our services.

This record will be required for all orders remain on deposit in our Administration.
It is important to ensure that all your details are correct, paying special attention to your email address, as is our main channel of communication with you.

To register, remember not to include in the user name and password, blanks and you might have problems when accessing your account.

Just in case you want to send you your lottery, or you go to withdraw to our management, you can place your order without having to register as a user, but remember that whenever you make us a new order will have to provide us with all your data again personal as it will not have been saved on our website.

In the case of groups or management companies will be customized and be on deposit in the Administration if so agreed.

3. How to buy national lottery and / or Christmas?

Two situations may occur:

a) User not registered
If you do not want to register as a user, add the lottery you want to purchase to your shopping cart, and then fill in the form of personal data and specifies the method of payment:
1. Income or bank transfer to the CTA on the form
2. Credit Card / Debit through Cyberpac LA CAIXA. payment which supports all cards except American Express
3. Iupay

b) Registered user
In the case of registration as a user of the web, you can make a deposit in your user account from the button to enter (through income or trasnferencia to the account specified above or by credit / debit card or IUPAY) and you will have balance to make purchases much easier and more comfortable once it is confirmed that income in our bank cta.

In both cases:

Access the lottery section that interests (national (includes Christmas and Child) / groups (Christmas) through the menu at the left side of the web.
Select the desired number, and the number of tickets you want, then press the buy to add your order to the shopping cart button. You can add as many tenths as you like and remove them from the cart and remove them at any time.

Afterwards you will be asked to indicate how you want to pay for your order, and delivery system or deposit prefer. Finally they will ask your personal data to send first confirmation of your order and then validation thereof, besides also to resolve any questions you may surgirte on it.
All orders the can pay the balance of your account (if you are a registered user), by income or bank transfer to the indicated account, with credit / debit (Red Euro 6000, Visa or Mastercard all except American Express ) or Iupay
Do not forget to choose whether to send by courier (with an additional charge of postage) or would you rather leave it deposited in the safe of our administration.
In case you wished collect the tenth in our administration, please let us send a message to mail or call us at 93 435 16 98, so you have prepared it.

4. Everything you need to know about buying Lottery !!

1. that my disposal services in the National Lottery section

We offer three options to access our lottery tickets:

A) You can make your reservation lottery and buy online and choose the option of shipping to the address you indicate (NOTE. The amounts will be added the tenth the rate of postage).

B) You can place your order online lottery and come to withdraw it stop once you made your payment and after receiving an email with instructions for collection


C) You can buy your lottery and leave on deposit in our administration. To do this you must register on the website before placing your order. After receiving the payment of your order, we"ll send you a confirmation email with all the details of your tenths (series and fractions).


2. How is the payment of say is it done?

In all cases, you must make payment through cash deposit or bank transfer to our account number or, if you prefer, you can also pay by credit card or debit card through Cyberpac LA CAIXA or Iupay


The amount of income is the amount corresponding to the amount of reserved lottery. In case you want to receive your tenths and save you travel and tails, you have to add the freight for the shipment will vary depending on the geographical location where you wish to send the lottery and insurance of it.In both cases, the website during the checkout process, you provide the amount of income to be made.


3. If I choose this system, which is the number of bank account to make the deposit or transfer?

ES56 1465 0180 7219 0044 4688

4. Who is the owner of the bank account?


5. What information should I include when making the payment or transfer?
When you go to make the deposit is very important to make the concept stated in your order number to identify it and manage it properly

6. What is the order number that identifies my reservation?
The order number of your reservation is the number that we provide in the email we sent you is to confirm that we have received your order (email with the subject "ORDER REF.") Well.

7. When they sent me the lottery?
As your income appears reflected in our account, you will receive an email confirmation and then you send the lottery to the address you provided, if you chose this system.
Keep in mind that if you chose to bank transfer as payment system, they can take time to be effective up to 3 working days (only if a transfer or transfer of funds between accounts in the same bank is done, the operation would be immediate ).

 8. What are the characteristics of the mailings? All orders lottery we do we send through POST and delivered in hand. If you are not in the address indicated at the time of delivery, CORREOS will contact you directly by phone to arrange a second delivery.
Once you leave your lottery to your destination, we send an informative email where we provide a reference so you can make your own track your shipment.All shipments are insured realize the value of the lottery.

9. How long will it take to get my order?
Shipments are urgent shipments 24 hours to peninsulares and may take two to three days for shipping to the Islands.

10. When I can go to pick up the lottery?
As soon as you receive an email with the subject "PICKUP IN ADMINISTRATION" where you inform that already have prepared your lottery, and instructions for collection.At the time of picking your lottery must sign a delivery and facilitate your ID.

 11. To what date I place an order?

The deadline to pay for your order is 48 hours before the date of the draw.Note that may be the case that you have not received your lottery before the draw if you hurry too payment, or perform a bank transfer will not have recorded immediately.

12. Do you send cash on lottery tickets?
Our administration does NOT send lottery cash on delivery. Sending payment of the lottery and shipping costs associated with contract signed by CORREOS it is performed.

5. Confirmation of orders

Once the order is placed, is available 48 hours (excluding holidays) to enforce payment.


1. When the order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email with the details contained in your order.

2. Once satisfied that the payment was successful, you receive a second mail order validation.

3. From that moment and according to the shipping method chosen, the lottery will be received by courier or be deposited in the administration.

Throughout the process several emails including order number is generated. Therefore, we advise you check the inbox of your email account, and it received the second email validation before the draw, you must urgently claim email or by calling our customer service 93 435 16 98 (Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 20:00)

6. That amount I have to pay for shipping?

The shipping cost of the tickets will be borne by the buyer and will be by mail transport. to ensure their safety.

The company in charge is post offices. And the rates include VAT and mandatory insurance of transported tenths are as follows:

1.Shipments to the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, 11.20 euros.

2.Shipments to Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, 14 euros.

3.International shipments, check rates depending on destination on the phone customer of our administration +34 93 435 16 98

7. Logistics Web The Marieta D

1. It is not essential to be registered in our system to use it, even if highly recommended.

2. Make sure all information is correct as in the case of a jackpot, we verify your identity.

3. It is important to note that La Marieta D "or perform validation of orders in the following schedule:

Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00 h. and Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00

From 19 h. They will continue accepting orders received, however will not be validated until the next day at 09:00 am. The same applies to Saturdays, with the aim that all orders received on Saturdays after 12:00 h. They will be processed the following Monday from 09:00 in the morning.

Be especially careful when making bets weekly (Bonoloto, Primitiva and Euromillon)


It can be done from Saturday to Monday at 19:00. If received after 19:00 am on Monday, the system stores to validate from next week.


Can be performed from Monday to Thursday before 19:00 hours, if done after hours, the system stores to validate from next week.

bets that are made from Saturday until Tuesday at 19:00, if done after hours, the system stores to validate from next week be admitted.

CONFIRMATION: Once validated bets receive an e-mail confirmation of validation, if this e-mail not received before the draw, you must contact us urgently.

8. Collection of awards

Each day after the celebration of the draw, the results we communicate.

If any of your bets or tenths is winning and you signed up as a user, automatically the amount will be credited to your user account, with the balance can continue shopping or collect it from paragraph collecting prizes through the "My Account > Remove Awards "indicating the amount of money they want to withdraw, and an account number where realizarte income.

When the draw is in weekend, the results are reported to the following Monday.

But you"re registered, you will receive an email with the results and the prize won and from that time we will contact you to agree on the collection.

9. Secure Electronic Commerce

The Marieta D´or do not have access at any time to the data of the credit cards of their customers, all operations are performed from the payment gateways of banks with which it operates.

When a payment is made with a foreign card to the entity with which it is operating, the payment gateway contacts with the issuing bank to authenticate the transaction, thus, only the owner of the card can operate with your card in our trade.

If you could not operate with your insurance card Electronic Commerce, contact your bank, or access the website in order to authorize the use of your card secure electronic commerce. This process is free and only takes a few minutes and from that time can use your card to make purchases online with full security guarantees.

10. Conditions of purchase online

The buyer undertakes to pay the advance payment. Admission to Acct. It will be the order confirmation. You can also use payment by debit / credit (Cyberpack of La Caixa) and Iupay, these forms of payment are instantaneous, your order is activated at the same time of payment and validation of your bets is much faster.

Email we confirmed by a validation of your bets and refunds obtained and custody of your purchases.
The shipping cost of the tickets will be borne by the buyer and will be by courier to ensure their safety, the company responsible is MAIL.

The shipping gSastos Peninsula and Balearic Islands are 1O euros (including VAT and compulsory insurance of transported tenths) in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, the amount is 14 euros. The delivery time is 24 hours from receipt of payment. You can also choose to deposit the tickets in our Administration without charge.

Once validated your bets no refunds of payment will be accepted.

Transfers shall be effective 24 hours before the draws in the case of the lottery Thursday and Saturday, if it were not so the order will be canceled. In active games even on the same day of the draw if the payment is confirmed.

In Christmas Lottery Child and transfer will be effective 10 days before the draw for proceeding to shipment.

For purchases from abroad, we recommend leaving the tenth deposited in our safe in the management or depending on the amount of tickets, in a Spanish bank branch. The prizes will be transferred to the bank account to facilitate the buyer in a Spanish bank by bank transfer.
Tickets go on sale one month before the date of the draw, The Christmas 5 months before and two months of the Child.

When ordering, you accept all these conditions.

The rules are governed by Spanish law, Lottery The Marieta D "or and the user, for the resolution of any dispute that may arise, submit expressly waive its jurisdiction or own any other that, if necessary, may apply to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Barcelona.

11. Privacy and Confidentiality

Lottery Administration nº 174 "The Marieta d" or "guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data provided.

The data provided by the user are incorporated into an automated file of our database that can provide you the processing of orders and personal attention in future transactions.

In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, as a customer you can at any time exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, from "Edit Account" once within your account or informing the Directorate of Administration.

12. Els sortejos

Thursday Lottery

This National Lottery draw takes place every Thursday throughout the year at 21.00, without exception. Although in summer, taking advantage of the days get longer and that people do most vibrant nightlife, this act is postponed to 22.45 hours. With regard to the awards extraction, this is done by modern system of multiple drums. This means, for example, that each figure up the number known as "fat", is drawn from a different drum, in which ten balls ranging from 0 to 9 are included The price of the tenth is 3 euros.


ordinary and special raffles Saturday

This National Lottery draw takes place every Saturday of the year at 13.00 hours. Awards extraction is performed generally by the modern system of multiple bass drums. This means, for example, that each figure up the number known as "fat" is derived from a different drum in which ten balls ranging from 0 to 9 are included The price of the tenth ordinary sweepstakes is 6 euros and special sweepstakes is 12 euros. Usually one of the latter each month, except in January that there are two.



Christmas lottery

Every December 22, the school children of San Ildefonso de Madrid prepare their voice and head for the hall draws State Lotteries.

And there corresponds them to fulfill an essential mission: dealing with the winning numbers drawn traditional Christmas lottery and "sing". Specifically, in this event, which it begins to take place about 9:00 am and that usually lasts until 12:30, two metal drums are used whose antiquity dates from 1850.

Tenth the price is 20 euros.

Lottery sales online Christmas begins about the third week of July


Lottery "El Niño"

Although traditionally this contest was held on January 5, the LAE agency decided in 2001 to move to day 6 at 12.00 noon. And he thought, rightly, that the tickets of this lottery could become a beautiful gift for Reyes, the day of illusion par excellence in Spain. The price of the tenth, as in the Christmas lottery, is 20 euros.

Also, although until 1965 draws of "El Niño" continuously for the old or traditional system held, from next year they went to do so by the Modern or Bombos Multiple system. This meant, for example, that each figure composed the number known as "fat" began to be drawn from a different hype, which were included ten balls ranging from 0 to 9.

Lottery sales "El Niño" Internet begins approximately the second week of November.

13. Els premis

Daily, La Marieta d "or we offer the results of all updated on the History tab results of the top of the web games. And if you played with us, you will receive an email with the scrutiny of your game !!

However in order to give the best service, if you want more information, you can check number and amount of awards to be distributed in the official website of LAE (Lotteries and Gambling):

Once you access the website of LAE, select the game in which you are interested and see the calendar raffles and prizes.


14. Advantages of buying your Christmas lottery online


Your lottery is saved and kept in the safe of the Administration.


We will email you all the necessary information, confirmation and validation of your purchase and award results.


Prizes will be admitted after the draw, to your account. No prize will be without charge

Admón de Loterías nº 174
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Phone: 93 435 16 98